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November 5, 2013

Helping an Aging parent from Afar

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Time Magazine online has some great tips to help with an aging parent.  Their perspective is from her experience which is long distance caregiving, but the principles are the same regardless of the distance.  Even her tip of planning and budgeting for travel can have an application if you have a local parent.  My mother was relatively local when she was in assisted living, but it was still a 3 hour minimum time commitment, and an extra two tanks of gas per month.

They suggest starting with CMS, the federal program,

Learn about sources of financial help. Depending on their situation, your parent(s) may be eligible for sources of financialassistance. As a long-distance caregiver, you can research the types of aid available and help your parents apply. Start with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) (the federal agency responsible for Medicare), and SHIP – the State Health Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program, which provides counseling to families on Medicare and Medicaid. Also research other benefits your parent may be eligible for if he or she is a veteran.

I would also suggest you start with your local Council on Aging, or Department of Aging with your city and County (make sure to check both places).  There are often a lot of local programs and resources that are available.  And (surprise) I am going to suggest you consider a reverse for a source of funds… if it is appropriate.

To read the Time article, click here

Thanks to Richard Wexler at Points of Life for bringing this to my attention

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